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Our Brand

Monzlteck was founded by Zach the engineer and Joe Li the designer. They are both big fans of electronic games. ”Deliver Value to the customer” this is their philosophy.

  • EchoIV

    Decided to make a game room for the kids and bought a few things that can go on the wall instead of needing a table. This was one of the items I purchased and its really nice and holds the ps4 really good.

  • MrTophat

    Looks great. Easy to install. Very secure. Absolutely nothing not to like. I'm especially happy with how the games are displayed on the mount - a really nice touch that puts this mount above the competition. Also, you can't beat having a controller mount included!

  • Jess

    We LOVE this! Not only was it very cheap but it works perfectly. Our VR is so nicely mounted to our wall.
    It's extremely easy to mount and use. Highly recommend!