About Monzlteck


  • Monzlteck was founded by Zach the engineer and Joe Li the designer. They are both big fans of electronic games. ”Deliver Value to the customer” this is their philosophy.
  • Simple design: Less is more. Our design aims to bring reliable products with less material.
  • Customer orientation: simplify the installation
  • Care: the product is made by cold-rolled steel, Easy to fix on and protect the device inside.
  • We at Monzlteck want to ensure that your have the best possible experience while usingour products. Customer is our first and foremost priority and we would not endorse a product if we didn’t feel it was the absolute best that it could be. We take a lot of pride is creating products that make your life easy. When is comes to playing your nintendo switch, the last thing you need to worry about is where your going to place it and whether it will be damaged. Eliminate the worry and create an environment that is not only stress free, but will make it easier than ever to enjoy all the games that you love.